Dash Hemp Women's HORIZON LS TEE

Dash Hemp



Women's Long Sleeve Hemp T-Shirt

Oversized, herky 9 oz. Horizon Long-sleeve Hemp/Organic Cotton Tee. Nothing even remotely similar to them on Planet Earth. Last for years!

As comfortable and rugged as your favorite pair of jeans, our signature long sleeve has a tres cool Horizontal chest seam for updated style. More like a pull-over than a Tee. Durable hemp ribbing at the neck and wrists. Half inch fashion collar. Hem detailed with two grommets on one side and a hemp/tencel patch on the other, so it looks great un-tucked. Natural anti-microbial properties of hemp means you can wear it for many days(7-10 days) with no "aroma"!

Four bold colors in a blend of 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton. Machine washable. Comes out wrinkle-free. Imported and made slowly in a small sweatshop-free work shop. Terrific for travel clothing. And yes, women love them as well! Will last for years.

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