Cold Weather Layering

Cold Weather Layering

Here in Charlottesville we have finally reached the depths of winter and find ourselves smack in the bullseye of an epic and historic snowstorm. Proper dress for outdoor winter activity is key to comfort and happiness when welcoming the two feet of powder we expect.

Layering is an effective way to dress for warmth while maintaining the ability to regulate body temperature during periods of increased activity or rise in temperature. The econscious organic long sleeve shirt for men and women is a great choice for a base layer top. The Hempest Organic Hemp Longjohns for men are a comfortable bottom underpinning - keeping the moisture away and warmth in. For her, the Hempest Organic Hemp Leggings are the way to go. Soft with the right amount of stretch.

Fleece is a great next layer, and for men, the Stormtech Pheonix Fleece Pullover is perfect for intermediate insulation and it's active fit design promotes mobility. The women's version keeps her in the same comfort zone of warmth!

If you find yourself in a blizzard like the one bearing down on us now, the best coverage for your upper body is the Stormtech Ascent Insulated Jacket for men and women

Finally, the choice of pants to keep your lower limbs warm and dry is important. Once again, the go to garment for this application is from Stormtech. For men, the Stormtech Men's Hybrid Pant will keep him dry and protected from wind and cold. For women, the Stormtech Women's Lotus H2X-Dry Performance pant is the right fit for repelling the elements while engaged in activity.



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